Monday, September 17, 2007

A monsterous update (also, possums)

Hello everyone!

Here is my monster assignment. I really wanted to do the whole word "monster", but I only had time to do "'M' is for Mummy". However, I love the idea, so I'll probably finish it ...someday... i hope.


The other letters were going to be:
O is for Ogre
N is for Naga
S is for Siren
T is for Troll
E is for ERIN!!!
R is for Robot

eventually i'll finish it... eventually

here is another work in progress shot of my possum peice:

and, here is an apple that I painted in class as a digital excersize. Not really finished to the point that i'd like it, but good enough:

1 comment:

Mahesh Bhat said...

Nice! Even with the level of details, it still looks complete. :)

I remember the last time I did a still life. It was a lot of work for me. :P