Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Name is Inigo Montoya.... you killed my Father... prepare to DIE!

Ok, So I LOVE the Princess Bride. I must have seen it dozens of times, but it never fails to make me happy. I wrote papers on it in high school, have read the book and it is just one of those movies that everyone always loves.

This, I think, justifies the fan art kick I am on.

Feel free to post with your favorite quotes... I know you want to

Ahem... "Does anybody want a peanut?"

Dropping the Ball

Ok... so maybe posting sketches on Sundays is harder than I thought.
I will try to stick to the routine from now on, but to make up for it, here are a few of my latest:

I seem to be on a bit of a fantasy kick...

This sketch above is only really explained if you go here and witness one of the best scenes ever filmed.

This is Cheery Littlebottom from Discworld with... um... what appears to be R2D2...

I will post some more later :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sketchy Sund... er... Friday....... whoops, where the heck did this week go?

SO.... these are some sketches... and it is definitely not Sunday... Oops.

Sorry everyone, this was a crazy whirlwind of a week! To make up for it, here are not 1, not 2, but 3 sketches for you viewing pleasure, straight out of the ole' picture book (and painted with coffee).

This time around, my pottery class is focusing on creating ceramics inspired by Asia for our annual spring show. Everyone is creating beautiful vases, dishes, rice bowls, tea sets, and so many more things. I, however, am finding myself developing a deep obsession with Sumo Wrestlers and Geisha Girls...

These pictures are really studies for future ceramic pieces. I am most excited about the sumo wrestler, just because I think that they are hilarious in the whole and will be awesome in clay. I actually started putting one together yesterday in class, so I'll let you know how that turns out!

On a side note, My new favorite place is a little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in Strongsville called "the relaxing room". It has just opened and has delicious coffee that is inexpensive and padded booths that I loose hours in every week. It is my quiet time to draw in my sketchbook, and I cherish every minute I spend there. Owner Nate makes a mean cup of Joe too (um... by "mean cup of joe" I mean my usual gingerbread soy latte ;) What can I say?! I like sweet girly drinks! So Sue me!!).

Anyway... it is really fun to paint with the coffee and Nate asked if I would contribute some work to decorate the walls! Hmm.... I think its about time to develop a deep obsession with coffee and switch gears to make some beverage inspired work!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Feature Interview

Hey Everyone! I Have super exciting news....
Crazy talented Ceramic Jen has featured me on her blog!!!!!!
Please go here to check it out and send her some love.
It is a really long awesome interview!

Annnnndddd.... cause I promised pictures, here is one of Ivan the Cat:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mika Submarine

Cleveland Handmade

I am thrilled to say that I am now a member of the Cleveland Etsy Street team!

Check us out here
We have a lot of great stuff going on

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How do you know what necklace length is right for you?

Ivy Presho posted a fantastic little article on her blog, distictlyivy, about the different lengths of necklaces and how to tell what is what.

(shown here is the princess length)

I thought it was really helpful and interesting! Please go to check it out here.

Thanks Ivy!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey everyone, I have very exciting news to announce... I was featured in a TREASURY on ETSY!!!!!!!

I was so excited I got up and danced around like a little kid

Isn't it beautiful??? I may be a bit biased, but I think its pretty front page worthy. If you think so too... please go see it in person here and click and comment to get it noticed!

Thank you to flossadornments (who makes FANTASTIC jewelry) for the feature!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sketchy Sundays

I am proud to debut another weekly feature here at Sketchy Sundays!

Lately I have been posting mostly about Etsy and my Jewelry, but these encompass only a part of my world... IRL, I am a professional illustrator and designer with Darice Inc, a crafting supply company based in Strongsville, Ohio. (You may know us from the "foamies" brand foam craft shapes.) We create many of our own products (especially for kids) for our Pat Catan's stores as well as for Michaels, Target, Wal Mart, Joanne Fabrics and more. Awesomely, I get to go to work every day to design these kids products (about 50% stickers, but also many many other items). I LOVE my job. I will tell you more about it later in it's own post.

Anyway, we work almost %100 digitally, and I find that I need to work on something tactile once I get home. That is the main reason why I started working with ceramics and jewelry, and how my etsy shop was created. I would also like to start working in my sketchbook more, a favorite pastime of mine that was largely abandoned once I graduated and started working.

So... In an effort to get myself away from the adobe suite and back to drawing by hand, I herby designate SUNDAY as a weekly sketch dump. Each week, I will post 1+ sketchbook or work in progress drawing here on the blog.

This is the first one!

Involution (aka... I have GOT to have these earrings)

Look at these...

I am so in love with these felted earrings by Involution on Etsy. I first came across Involution in a chat room, and am happy to say that not only does she make beautiful stuff, but she is super nice too! These particular earrings are called "All the Tea in China" (Love Love LOVE the title.. makes me think maybe I should rethink my naming style??) and they are made using sterling silver and wool.

Anyone want to get me a super early birthday present?.... Anyone?