Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sketchy Sundays

I am proud to debut another weekly feature here at Sketchy Sundays!

Lately I have been posting mostly about Etsy and my Jewelry, but these encompass only a part of my world... IRL, I am a professional illustrator and designer with Darice Inc, a crafting supply company based in Strongsville, Ohio. (You may know us from the "foamies" brand foam craft shapes.) We create many of our own products (especially for kids) for our Pat Catan's stores as well as for Michaels, Target, Wal Mart, Joanne Fabrics and more. Awesomely, I get to go to work every day to design these kids products (about 50% stickers, but also many many other items). I LOVE my job. I will tell you more about it later in it's own post.

Anyway, we work almost %100 digitally, and I find that I need to work on something tactile once I get home. That is the main reason why I started working with ceramics and jewelry, and how my etsy shop was created. I would also like to start working in my sketchbook more, a favorite pastime of mine that was largely abandoned once I graduated and started working.

So... In an effort to get myself away from the adobe suite and back to drawing by hand, I herby designate SUNDAY as a weekly sketch dump. Each week, I will post 1+ sketchbook or work in progress drawing here on the blog.

This is the first one!


ismoyo said...

Love your style!
And your dayjob sounds like a dream, lucky you!

Monique said...

This picture looks like me! I live in Northern Minnesota, and I look like this for months at a time. It was -15 this morning. -32 yesterday.

I pair my grey pea coat and ugg boots with a hand made bright pink hat and scarf -- it's so dreary here that I've got to spice it up a bit. (Last year it was a rich purple and the year before that bright red!)