Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP Harvey

Harvey Pekar Died today

Its a sad day for the world of comics and for Cleveland.
"He's the soul of Cleveland," Crumb told The Plain Dealer in 1994. "He's passionate and articulate. He's grim. He's Jewish. I appreciate the way he embraces all that darkness."

I don't really know what to say about this. The one time I met the man, he was honestly a bit of a jerk. But if he wasn't, he wouldn't have been Harvey Pekar. So its ok. I was really excited to meet him, and he sort of shut down in response... oh well... At least I did get to meet him. And i got to to a portrait of him (above). I am a lucky girl.

I love his comics, I love that he collaborated with so many incredible people. I love the movie. How amazing is it that his life story is recorded and published for everyone to read? He will live on. Not many people are that lucky.

RIP, Harvey. You will be missed. You meant a lot to a lot of people.

Its weird to think that I now live in a world where there will be no more American Splendor...

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