Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Update

Hello there blog-o-sphere! I realized recently that it has been quite some time since I've given any in-depth updates on my life ... and it will still probably be a while.

However, Here are a few highlights... I:
* Went to England and France with my mom and fell head over heels for Paris.

* Turned 24!

* Had a kick-ass Asian inspired ceramics show with my pottery buddies (and sold almost everything!)

* Worked Worked Worked - this summer has been one of my busiest times at work so far * and therefor fell off the face of the internet and surrounding world

* Went on an amazing road-trip through Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee w/ my lovely boyfriend.

* Was awarded the Directors Award at the 48th annual Bay Arts Juried show for my painting of the London Underground, "Two Red Daisies".

* Lost ALL of my photos from the last few years :( Its devastating but I am trying to move on since there isn't anything I can do.

* ...more work work work. We are in the process of developing a really awesome program (which is classified until further notice) at the craft supply company that I work at. I am SO proud of what we are doing, though it is a really demanding schedule and I've been working late a lot. The neat thing is that there are almost 500 skus in the program, and a huge chunk of them use my illustrations. SO COOL!

Keep looking for Darice sticker books and other items at your local Pat Catans, Michaels, Joann Fabrics or other similar stores. Chances are, me or one of my fabulous co-workers worked on them! I have done mostly kid's products, like the wood shapes, sticker books, velvet posters, StickerZ brand stickers, etc.

I also have a couple of fun commissions in the work, so look for those soon!

Till then, Take care

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Karen Blados said...

WOW! You're even busier than I thought.

And that is just a stunning painting.