Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Antique Guns

I have been really into antique guns lately after seeing them at the Cleveland Museum of art. I think that they are fantastic and super fun to draw. When these intricate guns were created, they were extremely expensive to own so those purchasers who could afford them would have them custom made and extravagantly decorated. They were more of a status symbol than for practical use.

These are just a few drawings from my sketchbook that I made during my lunch break one day. Yup, I am that weird co-worker that has pictures of guns on her desktop when everyone else comes back in from lunch. That's me. yep.

These sketches are not all of those never-used guns, but when they look this pretty, it is really hard for me to imagine that they are dangerous items that were created to kill.

I got a book from the library on the subject (unfortunate it was meant for collectors so the pictures are so-so) and I am looking forward to learning more about them.

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