Friday, April 24, 2009

Fruit Plates in Progress

Ok... so here are images of my fruit plates as I glaze them. These photos were taken with a camera phone, so I apologize for the quality!

First, using my original sketches as a guide, I drew the image in adobe illustrator. This way, I can work out any compositional kinks before I transfer the image onto the plate. I will post the illustrator images later, but they are not too drastically different from those first sketches.

Next, using underglazes, I brush on the colors for my background, and use a squeeze bottle filled with underglaze to paint the yellow rim and to start on the leaves. This will be the plum plate when finished

Then I paint the main event - the fruit itself - using a combo of brushes and squeeze bottle. It is a little nerve wracking not knowing how the colors will turn out at the end, so keep your fingers crossed! This is the pomegranate plate.

The last step in my underglazing process is to outline the images to make it pop, in this case with a dark brown. The lines are not exactly straight or even on purpose. I use a squeeze bottle with a 16 gauge needle tip for those fine lines. This the the grape plate.

After this, I will dab on a clear glaze so that the colors don't smear and then pour more clear glaze on top of that. The bottoms will be unglazed so the tile doesn't stick to the kiln. Then we fire these babies!

Lately flat items have been warping during the glaze firing, so I am kinda holding my breath. Wish me luck!

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